Monday, April 19, 2010

Latest book reviews

Review of Burial to Follow at Swamp Dwellers. They're also looking for book reviewers, so if you want to combine love of literature with an audience who will go streaming to the bookstores to follow your advice (but hopefully not your burial), then drop Ash and the gang a line.

Debra at Book Blog gave The Skull Ring a whirl, with some of the best insight I've seen. I learned things about the book I didn't even know I'd put in there! I love reviewers.

Marcia at the Printed Page didn't like the spiritual and religious aspects of The Red Church--perfectly understandable. It's the kind of book not everyone is going to like. But I guess most books are that way. I fully support critical, independent reviews because they help writers improve and they help readers seek out new books, instead of feeling obligated to buy the latest best-sellers. I'm glad people still love books, no matter what form they are in.


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