Monday, May 31, 2010

HC Books round-up

Debra Hamel has reviewed The Skull Ring for Midwest Book Review/Book Blog. We're in the final stages of prepping Stephen James Price's collection PAGES OF PROMISES and John O'Dowd is finishing up revisions on a new Mahko thriller. June 24th is the official release date of the Grave Conditions trade paperback (preorders available). Printed Page has a Drummer Boy review.

The Red Church is two Amazon reviews away from that magical 20, which will help it show up in more recommendations slots. If you're inspired to chip in your two bits, please drop a sentence or two.

We're also working on the DIRT trade paperback, which should be out in early July. Scott and Stephen have contributed stories to Ghostwriter Publications' promo collection THE OUTSIDERS, available free at Smashwords soon or for a pittance as ebook on Amazon. A busy season, thanks to all who fight for liberty, justice, and truth!


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