Friday, February 19, 2010


Thanks to some wonderful support from people in the Amazon forums community, The Red Church shot back up to #1 in Christian science fiction and fantasy, and is currently #2 in ghosts for kindle and #3 in "ghosts" overall, plus cracked the 1,000-ranking mark for the first time. (In Amazon rankings, lower is gooder, meaning #1 is the best seller.) I am enjoying writing more than ever and it means so much to be able to freely create and connect with readers.

And great partners like Neil Jackson at Ghostwriter, S.D. Sullivan, and L.C. Glazebrook, as well as loving support at home, make all this so much more meaningful. Here's Neil's new cover for "Burial to Follow." The man is talented. Thanks, you all, and please sign up to be a Microchip. It looks like The Skull Ring should also be able to crack the 1,000 barrier, at which point we're dumping in a lot more prizes.

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