Thursday, February 4, 2010

#1, and the spirit is willing

Well, that was easy. Haunted Computer Productions just had its first #1 bestseller. The Red Church hit #1 on the Kindle list in the category of "Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy." Ahead of people like C.S. Lewis, Jenkins and LaHaye.

It's been hanging around #2-4 in the "Ghosts" category but there's this dude named Poe who refuses to be knocked off. I take this opportunity to say, "Thank you, God," and thank you readers who support this wonderful dream.

Dreams always change and nobody stays #1 long in a rapidly-changing world, and it's probably over as I type this, but there are still 6.5 billion readers waiting out there...


  1. This is great. Congratulations! It's one of my favorite books of yours. Christa

  2. Thanks, Christa, it slipped back down almost immediately but it was fun while it lasted! Still hanging around up there pretty good, though.