Monday, February 8, 2010

Become a Haunted Computer Microchip and get free books

Haunted Computer is grateful for readers who take time to try new works in a world already crowded with far too much information. We also understand that word of mouth is our secret weapon in the war for attention. Well, we don't think of it as armed conflict. We prefer to believe we are sharing an intimate journey of dreams to make sense of this wild, wonderful world. Or we're insane.

If you like to blog about books, or agree to a minimum promotional commitment for the release day of our book (posting on Facebook, Amazon post, etc.), we'll be happy to give you a free PDF, Mobi, Sony Reader, ePub or other digital file of the work. In return, you get an advance read, you're an official Microchip, and from time to time we will have some tangible stuff to give away. On March 2, we will randomly give away a hardcover copy of Peter Straub's new thriller "A Dark Matter," and the 100th Microchip enrolled will get a signed, limited edition hardcover of the Brimstone Turnpike anthology.

How cool is that? You can say you knew Haunted Computer Productions back when it was just an electronic gleam in the world's laziest hack's eye. Plus you'll be supporting working-class books and writers. Heck, you're helping build the Haunted Computer!

If all that sounds weird enough to drag you in, please email with the subject line "Microchip."